This blog documents my road to recovery from a near Fatal motorcycle accident on 30th Jan 2005. Accident on 30th Jan 2005 Tibia/fibula fracture and gash between noase and lips. hairline crack on nose. Plastic surgery on face 0n 31st Jan 2005 with open sutures on the lips. Surgery on 3rd feb 2005 with IM nail and 3 screws No cast and open fibula Partial weightbearing with delayed union of tibia on 23rd March 2005

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

blog banned?

Jsut saw on TV that blogs here are banned due to some terrorism threat...
Well mine seems to be working!

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

These days never seem to end

AM going through a very wierd point in my life.
These days never seem to end...i have no clue where i am going and what I am doing. One day u see a direction and the next day you realise that there is none.
Feels like im trapped in a glass tank wiht muddy water..
cant see any light

Thursday, May 04, 2006

End of a freindship

Its been more than 1 month and a half since i and muks last spoke.
It was a small issue...he forgot my birthday and then it became a bigger issue after he did not wish me, or talk to me the whole day even after my mom reminded him of my birthday in the morning.
The bigger issue rolled into a full blown crisis after he refused to call me and chose to interact with me by sms. And the last straw was that he chose to ignore me completely and then only send me messages about some pending work of his.

This was the last straw. His attitude was really irritating me for a really long while. But my love for him was making me oversee all these glaring idosyncricies. This had been boiling for a while, but despite of pointing it out to him it was being repeated time and I had no option

Today im going to a saints tomb (haji ali) to thank for a prayer that i had asked god for him. He is not interested in joining in..but atleast i need to. He was exremely depressed and was withouht a job when i had asked god for him to land a good job in bombay. He did..but our freindhip broke off...ironical.

Well once I come back from haji ali..I hope i get the strenght to get over this freindhsip and the good sense of not trusting someone so blindily ever in life again.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

ITs my birthday today!

Its my birhday today!
I have turned im starting to feel it too!